Vietnam House is an ancient restaurant in Vietnamese style, along with the abundant and interesting menu.

Vietnam House Saigon

        In Ho Chi Minh City - Saigon, Vietnam House is known as one of the best restaurants, specializing in both local Vietnamese and international cuisine. This restaurant is a restored French colonial house. It renders a traditional ambience with large French windows, traditionally attired waiters and classical genre of songs. Mostly the services are good and this restaurant is an ideal destination to stay to dinner.

        You will get the ample serving of dishes and comfort with the air-conditioner system as well. Besides that, the interior decoration is nice and traditional with reasonable seat arrangement. The food is mostly westernized in nature, moreover we also serve local dishes with suitable price. The price of the food is ranged from US$ 10 to US$ 12 or less than in some cases.

    At here, the dishes are served such as margarita, rice wine, luxury wine, vegetables, sautéed mushrooms in pepper sauce. While the other main courses include Pineapple fried rice, noodles, Pineapple Beef, Fried Spring rolls with crab meat, etc.... Another specialty of Vietnam House is the variety of Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, the variety of both local and international cuisine also appears in the lunch buffets of our restaurant.

      In order to savor the speciality of Vietnam House, located near the Opera House, check out this famous address at: 93-95 Dong Khoi St, Dist 1, Saigon Phone: 84- 829.16.23